Friday, September 30, 2016

More money out of your pocket is "No big deal" #AVLNOGO

Between the City and the County, you will have less money next yeara pattern that will repeat each year thereafter. 

So, why vote to have even more taken out of your pocket, no matter how small?

You can say NO byvoting against these three bond packages in November.

No big deal says the City of Asheville

As the City works to sell the three bond packages totaling $74 million to the public, Council members got underway giving their own financial interpretation of how the bonds would impact property taxes.
“This is not a big hit to do a lot of good,” says Cecil Bothwell.  He goes on to state, "“our taxes are an amazing bargain.”  
In another article, Cecil speaks of it just being $20 a month ($240/year) but what Cecil fails to mention is that between the County and the City, taxpayers will actually be out twice that ($540) and up.

Local Media backs up the City

The Citizen-Times, always backing the City's position, further states
"One thing that is not clear is how much the borrowing would raise property taxes."


The City's website on the bond referendum already states that there would be at minimum a 4.15 cent per $100 of valuation increase in property taxes.

It is very clear both the City Leaders and our local Media are playing a word game with residents. They assume you're dumb and dumb on many levels in order to sell these bonds to you.

The Bottom Line

Next year 3 events are going to happen:

Buncombe County Revaluation of Property Values in 2017 
RESULT: You will pay more to Buncombe Co for your City Property

The last valuation was in 2013, just as we had come out of the recession.  We are due for another one in 2017. You can imagine the kinds of percentage increases we will see next year when property is revalued.  The last time it ranged from 10% to 26% increases, depending on where you lived but those in and near the City figure higher.  In some weird cases, property went down but on average - they increased.

In addition, the Buncombe Co tax rate is .60.

This could also increase as it did after the 2013 County valuation.

After the 2013 revaluation, the Buncombe Co tax rate went from .5250 to the current rate of .60, as was recommended by County Manager, Wanda Greene who recommended a 15% increase plus a levy to pay for programs. This the same Wanda Greene who recently was in the news for giving herself a major raise.

Based on this, City property owners will be paying more both because of an increase in their property values by Buncombe County as well as this property tax increase by the City for these bonds. This is less out of your pocket, for your family.

All City Services have gone up and likely to keep going up year after year.
RESULT: You will pay more for services for your City Property

Have you taken a look at your latest water bill, i.e., the new mortgage bill?

Just this past July, the City increased water rate by 1.5%. In 2015, your water rate was increased.

It increased the trash collection rate by $3.50/month ($10.50 - $14). In 2015, it had increased $3.50 (from $7 - $10.50).

It increased the stormwater fee by 5%. Your stormwater fee has increased in 2015 and 2014.

It increased the motor vehicle fee by $30.

In addition, just this past July, sewer services went up 2.5% , an increase for the 18th YEAR IN A ROW. Do you think that is going to change? Probably not.

While it is necessary to pay for City Services, the cost of these keep going up and you have little control over that.


  • You have limited control over the Buncombe Co revaluation (yes, you can appeal but all the same, it's probably gonna go up).
  • You have very limited control over the city service rates.


The City thinks residents are too dumb to figure this out.  The City is trying to shuffle off these increases in property taxes and services by constantly talking about how little it is to you. What they really mean is this: yes, more money will come out of your pocket but you can only blame a small portion of it on us.  That is to be disputed.  We see a minimum of $500 increase on the average price of a home in Asheville but do you as a taxpayer really care? At the end of the day, that is less out of your family's income.

You do have control over a part of this increase in YOUR expenses by simply VOTING NO IN NOVEMBER.

Furthermore, Property Tax Rates Go UP, UP, UP anyway

Needless to say, our City and County property taxes are going to increase - values do go up and the City can and will plan for future tax rate increases.  They increased the property tax rate in 2013 by 4 cents and again in 2015 by 1.5 cent.  It is highly likely, that even after these bonds pass, your property tax rate will increase again within the next two years.  

So, while Mr. Cecil, and other Council members say it's no big deal, he should let retirees and most of the hardworking Asheville residents and business owners, decide for themselves.

VOTE NO in November!

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