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Who Put That Great Big Target On Councilor Keith Young’s Back?

Reactions to Incognito “tip” make for tantalizing speculation By Roger McCredie
Somebody really wants Keith Young gone.  Off Asheville City Council.  Now.
Over New Year’s weekend, person or persons unknown (Incognito) sent to the Buncombe County Board of Elections (BOE) a packet of documents that showed alleged discrepancies about his place of residence -- discrepancies that could possibly affect his relationship with his mortgage lender on one hand and his standing as an Asheville City Council member on the other.
And a few weeks later, when the BOE did not respond, Incognito sent duplicate packages to a number of other people, including city officials and an interesting choice of private citizens.
But so far there’s been no official reaction to Incognito’s mailings, Young himself has shrugged the matter off and is quiet, and the only entity to take Incognito’s bait has been the Asheville Citizen-Times, which has run two stories on the subject, drawing fire from critics who are calling th…

City backpedals on South Charlotte Street “Brownfield”as affordable housing site

Suddenly adds two new locations as possibilities.  Changes follow AU story. By Roger McCredie
After months of touting South Charlotte Street as the ideal place to spend $15 million in bond money for development of affordable housing – and getting public approval to do it – the city has announced it is now eyeing property at two other locations.
Following a Feb. 7 planning workshop, Asheville city council members and administrators said they will conduct development feasibility studies at locations on Biltmore Avenue and Riverside Drive, as well as at the Department of Public Works property on South Charlotte Street.
The change of plans occurred following a recent Asheville Unreported article in which a former public works employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, detailed the nature and extent of ground contamination at the South Charlotte Street site. (See “Bond’s Proposed Affordable Housing Site is ‘Toxic Swamp’,” January 28.)
The city now says it’s going to examine the old Matthews …