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Amended Bond Lawsuit Demands Repeal of City’s Latest Tax

“Bait and Switch” Deprived Ashevillians of Due Process, Complaint Says
By Roger McCredie Managing Editor
The parties to a suit that seeks to vacate the results of last November’s $74 million bond referendum have now expanded their complaint to include the tax that was approved in June to cover the interest on them.

The addition to the complaint says taxpayers are being forced to pay debt service on bonds that haven’t even been issued.

And the city has responded by saying it can do pretty much what it wants to do with the proceeds from the new tax – after saying repeatedly that the tax would be used solely to pay interest on the bond package.

Buncombe County Superior Court Judge Marvin Pope on August 1 advanced the plaintiffs’ cause by ruling that the anti-tax amendment could be added to their complaint. Now the plaintiffs, retired attorney Sidney Bach and former Asheville vice mayor Chris Peterson, are challenging not only the validity of the bond question itself – which they say was …