Tuesday, May 29, 2018

City of Asheville Mid-Year Salary Increases Report

City of Asheville is in the final stages of approving the 2018-2019 budget which includes a 2.5% payroll increase.

As part of last year's budget (2017-2018), $500,000 was set aside to be issued in February 2018 to make "salary adjustments for employee's who's salaries were not commensurate with market rates" according to the City of Asheville Public Records request employee.

We requested the list of who was received the additional $500,000, their name, title, payroll and the new, adjusted payroll. We received the following list which reports HOURLY rates unless otherwise noted.

Of note, two of the police officers involved in the Rush video beating received payroll increases.

As reference to the funding pool, please refer to the City of Asheville adopted budget 2017-2018 as follows:

Page A-7:
“Management Initiatives, Compensation, and Staffing
The City initiative to right-size staff continues. High turnover has placed increasing burdens on staff. Turnover in some professional positions has reached 30%, and ongoing turnover in the Police Department continues to drive high overtime costs and employee burnout, in turn driving turnover and creating an unhealthy cycle. The Human Resources Department is working with departments facing turnover challenges to review positions and evaluate total compensation against benchmarks. Included in the base budget is an across-the-board increase of 2.5% for all employees. This increase will be implemented during the pay period beginning on July 1, 2017. An additional funding pool has been allocated to address the turnover issues and to provide for a cost of labor adjustment in February 2018. This pool will allow the City to adjust the compensation plan salary range minimums and maximums, based on 2017 cost of labor indices.”


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