ASHEVILLE UNREPORTED is brought to you by concerned local citizens.
You’ve come to the right place…
if you’re tired of wading through “news” that’s superficial or blatantly biased or just won’t get reported at all…
if you’re tired of canned news…
if you’re tired of articles that barely scratch the surface…
if you want more than tourism information.
ASHEVILLE UNREPORTED provides information and facts on issues and topics impacting the LOCAL citizens, business owners, property owners of Asheville and Buncombe County.
We are an independent website and self-funded. We do not take advertising dollars and we pay our reporters.  Currently, our City Council Leadership is one-sided with no one keeping them accountable for their actions or reviewing the details.  We feel strongly about the need for such accountability especially in light of an obviously biased media.
No fluff.  Definitely not politically correct.

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